Small is Beautiful.

We don’t do everything.

We do a few things, exquisitely.

Mobile   •   UX   •   Product  Strategy   •  Prototypes

We are a small, responsive and scrappy team specializing in a few areas in which we have deep experience and knowledge. Our process is hands-on and personal, allowing you to work directly with the people creating your vision. No intermediaries. Nothing lost in translation. We take the time to listen and understand you, your business and your project. No cookie-cutter approaches. Just customized, targeted and lovingly-crafted experiences. Because, like snowflakes, you are unique.


We’ll take your great idea
and make it mobile.

User Experience

We’ll help you create user-focused, modern and beautiful design experiences.

Product Strategy

We’ll help you validate and clarify your product strategy.


We’ll help you SHOW
rather than tell.


We’ve been designing mobile apps since the Wild West years before the App Store was open. So this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the design and development of some of the most-downloaded and best-reviewed apps in the App Store. We know where things can go wrong, get stuck, or veer off-course. Let us help you with your native or responsive mobile project.


Like snowflakes, your business is unique. There are no cookie-cutter approaches, just hands-on, personalized strategies, developed directly with creatives. We explore your business, customers, goals and competitors to clarify and confirm your project’s direction. We can help facilitate user interviews and strategize about how you can move forward. We can also create basic interactive prototypes to help everyone visualize the end product.


UX has come a long way since its “Human Interaction” academia days. Understanding your business, goals, industry and users first will inform everything we create. We are empathetic, intuitive and practical designers who seek to create emotional connections with users.


Sometimes, you (or your investors) just have to SEE it. Prototypes allow everyone to understand a project direction and be on the same page. It can also be a great tool to illicit new ideas and identify potential risk. 


Our newest endeavor is an R&D lab where we dream big ideas, including hardware/software integrations and innovative product ideas using cutting-edge technologies. Got an idea? We can help.

Our Work

Check out our case study – KOMP Music Notation App


Our Clients

Honored and humbled to have worked with these amazing brands.

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