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Passionate About Great UX and Empathetic Design

People are at the heart of everything we do. 

A long, long time ago in another land, User Experience wasn’t a ‘thing’. Design was a necessary evil, only spoken with a hushed voice in the cubicle next door. If it worked, it was good enough. If it didn’t work, users would let you know. Then data entered the room and showed that people really, really, REALLY DO care. Simple forms, clear directional prompts, attention to tiny and joyful details, and gorgeous and modern design- the difference between a well-designed product and a clunky and dated product is measurable. Today users just expect great experiences.


Maximizing Human Potential

We endeavor to make more than just money. We create projects that further civic good. Take a look at our most recent endeavor, an app that simplifies recycling for consumers and businesses, “taking the human error out of recycling.”


Scan any recycle code and the app will tell you whether it goes in the recycle bin or the garbage bin. It also shows the nearest facilities that accept the item, fees involved, community resources and pickup schedules for your area.


No code? No problem. The app also has an optical recognition technology that can identify the item by placing it in the center of the scan view screen. iCycle can learn new objects and and update recycling rules and regulations in real time. 


Never miss another recycle or garbage day. Just opt in for notifications to remind you about your local collection days and stay informed regarding changes to your local waste management schedule, rules and regulations.


Understanding consumer recycling behavior can inform policies and product design. Better packaging that is easier to recognize will create less human error in the recycle process and create more industry consistency.

Our Team

Ready to dig in and make cool stuff.

Heather Elsa

Heather Elsa


Most recently Heather was the UX Design Director at Getty Images. Previously she was the Product Design Director for an early mobile startup, Zumobi. Heather is versed in many areas, including marketing, and branding. Hands-on designer, IOT devotee, artist, ‘cooker’, scooter driver, endless idealist, with a love of the ridiculous and wearing clothing inappropriate for weather conditions.

Andrew Cukurs

Andrew Cukurs


Verity Digital was the creative vision behind the branding of our Keep Film in WA campaign. They did an incredible job of making our data-driven story visually compelling, and their work was vital in securing another decade of film incentives in WA state. 

Amy Lillard
Amy Lillard
Executive Director, Washington Filmworks

We had a high-profile, high-impact project from a key client and we weren’t quite getting the perfect product design I wanted. We reached out to Verity and they dove in and got their heads around the problem space very quickly. They created a compelling story line, and had designs within a week. Verity and Heather absolutely nailed it! The client loved the work and the team was super proud of the final product. I will not hesitate to use Verity again.

Daniel Roth
Daniel Roth
Managing Director, Pluralstack

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